1. Magnetic stirer

A magnetic stirer is a laboratory instrument that employs a rotating a magnetic field to cause a stir bar immersed in liquid to spin very quickly, thus stirring it. The rotation can be controlled. This instrument divided into two parts:

  • Magnetic stirer with heater

These instruments are used for making the sampel homogeneous. The sample is usually in liquid. The temperature control is used for seting of the temperatur sample.

  • Magnetic stirer without temperaure controll.








This insstrument has the same charcateristic with the instrument before. The instrument is not equipped by temeperature controll. Thus it is used for the sampel without seting of temperature sampel.

  1. Furnace with high temperature.

A furnace is a laboratory instrument that employes high temperature. It is usually used for heat treatment such as annealing, calcination and sintering. The temperature can be controlled from room temperature to 1000 0C and the rate of increasing temperature .

  1. Spin Coater

Spin coater is a alaboratory instrument used to deposit uniform thin film to flat substrates. It employs centrifugal force to produce high speed. The high speeed is used to spread materials uniformity on the substrate. Usually a small amount of coating material is apllied on the center of the substrate.

  1. Sonicator

Sonicator is a device laboratory that employs sound energy (frquency > 20 kHz} to agitate particle in a sampel.

  1. Sputtering

Sputtering is a technique of thin film deposition due to bombardment of the solid target by energetic particle. The source of energy particle is usually gas ion particularly argon. .

  1.  Heating coater

Heating coat is a laboratory device that is used to fabricate material in powder form at certain temperature.

  1. CBD Chamber












Chemical Bath Deposisition (CBD) is one of deposisition tehnique of thin film and nanomaterials. The chamber of CBD is used in CBD process with low temperature. The temperature is controlled by thermocouple.

  1. Microwave

This instrument is used for heat treatment process.

  1. Instrument of gas sensing






This instrument is provided for gas sensor performance testing. In this lab we used toxic gas such as CO, CO2, SO2, and VOC as gas target.